​​2018 Camp Staff and Counselors - Kayla MacInnis (trainer), Coach Butt, Tommy Consalvo, Nick Fraticelli, Anna Shields, Jessica Drop, Samantha Drop, Patrick Cropsey, Danielle Marcone, Matt Villanueva, Christina Martin, Haley Hasty, Coach Hayes

​​Cory McCoullough, 2014, 15, 16
University of Maine Farmington

Michael McGonnigle, 2015
University of Connecticut​

Brittany Mendelson, 2014​
Central Connecticut State University​​

Kevin Michalka, 2015, 16, 17

​University of Hartford

Eli Nahom, 2019

University of Tennessee

Logan Plaisted, 2019 

Illinois Institute of Technology

​Eliza Rego, 2017​

Harvard University

Gabi Richichi, 2015, 16, 17

Duke University​​

​​​​​​Anna Shields, 2018

Point Park University

Michael Stetson, 2017

Stevenson University

Caitlin Swanson, 2016

James Madison University

Parker Timmerman, 2014, 15, 16

University of Connecticut

Matt Villanueva, 2018

St. Bonaventure University

Rose Willey, 2014

Lafayette College

Henry Wynne, ​2016

University of Virginia

​Jessica Wojnicki, 2014, 15​

Cornell University

​​2019 Camp Counselors Juliet Bussell, Kayla Cohen, and Taylor Mascetta


2017 Camp Staff & 


​Front Row- Haley Hasty, Jessica Drop, Eliza Rego, Danielle Marcone, Christina Martin, Gabi Richichi

Back Row- Coach Hayes, Tommy Consalvo, Ryan Ansell, Michael Stetson, Taylor Phillips (trainer), Coach Butt

Oregon Style campers are guided by a group of talented, experienced, and responsible counselors.

We have been fortunate to have wonderful counselors join us over the years, as well as former campers that have returned to become counselors.





​​​​2016 Camp Staff & Counselors:

Front Row- 

Coach Hayes, Caitlin Swanson, Kendra Lennon, Haley Hasty, Sarah Lyon, Gabi Richichi, Coach Butt.

Back Row-

Taylor Phillips (trainer), Cory McCullough, Henry Wynne, Kevin Michalka, Parker Timmerman, Tommy Consalvo


2022 CAMP DATES : AUGUST 14 - 20            

Ryan Ansell, 2017

Quinnipiac University

Juliet Bussell, 2019
Northeastern University

Maggie Christie, 2015

University of Connecticut

Kayla Cohen, 2019
Central Connecticut State University

​Tommy Consalvo, 2016, 17, 18

Quinnipiac University

Patrick Cropsey, 2018

​Loyola University Maryland

Jessica Drop, 2017, 18

​University of Georgia

Samantha Drop, 2018
​University of Georgia

Nick Fraticelli, 2018

Western Connecticut State University

Haley Hasty, 2015, 16, 17, 18

University of Connecticut

Chris Houser, 2019

Kenyon College

Moira Kenny, 2014

Boston College​

Kendra Lennon, 2014, 15, 16

University of Vermont

​Sarah Lyon, 2016

American University

Danielle Marcone, 2017, 18

Quinnipiac University

​Christina Martin, 2017, 18​

​Keene State University

Taylor Mascetta, 2019

Fordham University