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Runners are grouped according to fitness level and experience. The distance of runs and tempo of runs are also grouped according to fitness level. This camp is meant to supplement your training through the start of your season, not start your training.  Come to camp in shape.

Campers receive talks from experienced and elite runners, like Donn Cabral and Nicol Traynor  who address topics such as, sports psychology, cross training, injury prevention, proper running technique, race tactics, goal setting, nutrition, healthy self image, and academic preparation for college.

State of CT Youth Camp License # YCYC.01179.  Fully insured.

Oregon Style Cross Country Running Camp  is located at The Ethel Walker School, which has state of the art recreational facilities, weight center, and a full sized competition pool. Campers will enjoy a wide variety of meal choices at the dining hall along with comfortable housing in suite style dorm rooms. 

Championship Cross Country teams and runners are built

                    in the summer months of July and August, not in November.


                                                    Oregon Style Cross Country Running Camp has been designed

                                                                                                     with this philosophy in mind.​


2020 CAMP DATES : AUGUST 2 - AUGUST 8